So, today is 12/12/12.  This morning, one of my students placed this note to me, folded neatly on my keyboard.  When I read it, it made my day.  This is why I love my job.  This is why I do my job!  I do not need to go into detail about this particular student, his background, hardships, or how far he has come this year.  I do not need to acknowledge the fact that I had forgotten it was 12/12/12 when I am really quirky when it comes to dates.  I think this student's words, and the concise manner in which he wrote, speaks for itself. And, and on this 12/12/12, a day when we are supposed to be 'doing' something new, I am dusting off my old blog and using it again, as an avenue to continue 'rambling' on...Happy 12/12/12!

His words:  Today is the last day for a thousand years it will be 12/12/12.  I write how I think this historical day will be.  I hope to see a solar eclipse and for it to snow. 
For you, Mrs. Packwood

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This week

This week I:

1. burned chocolate chip cookies to a blackened crisp while I was taking a shower;

2. cleaned up coffee which I spilt in the aisle at Wal-mart;

3. watched J. Ross put his face in the water for the first time, (and like it). This is now a new thing...every time he does it, I watch and act equally as amazed I was the first time he did it...."Mommy, was that amazing??" YES!!!!

4. confirmed that my 8th grade P.E. teacher was correct in saying that I look like Olive Oil when I run (when I saw these pictures taken by my friend at our softball game).

6. bought lots of fruit at the grocery store, under the impression that if I feed my children more often, they won't fight as much?

7. waited out a storm at an old friend's house.

8.  had mine and my husband's way into Silver Dollar City paid for completely by a total stranger.

8.  cleaned my kitchen approximately 1237 times.  :)

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imovie compilation

Okay, so yesterday, I had some fun on imovie. I didn't spend a ton of time on the timing and transitions...just wanted to post this! The dance moves you see in this video were choreographed completely by Anna and J. Ross. :) Enjoy!

Northwest Arkansas Sky

This is the sky that had a lot of people in the neighborhood talking tonight.  Ahhh!  So beautiful!  I've never seen the sky that color, and maybe I never will again!  We weren't the only ones outside with our camera!  Luckily, my friends were here to take the photo above!  Thanks Carma and Holly!